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8 things you need to do now that Facebook has banned “like-gating”

“Like our page!” is a phrase you see a lot on Facebook.  But following a change to Facebook’s Platform Policy last week, you may not see it as much.  Great news for users, but maybe not-so-great news for those businesses relying on like-gates to gain traction on Facebook.  Here are 8 things that all businesses on Facebook will want to think about now …

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Follow the yellow bit road?: JP Morgan pursues bitcoin-like patent

Digital currencies are a hot topic these days, with their anonymity, freedom from control by centralised banks, and avoidance of merchant transaction fees appealing to various groups around the world. The best-known example of a digital currency is bitcoin, which as recently as last month was trading at over US$1000 per bitcoin (but has since fallen to a far more …

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More news from Canberra: amendments to IP laws passed by Senate

You would be forgiven for having missed this news given everything else that was happening in Canberra this week, but the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Bill 2011 was passed by the Senate on 27 February 2012.  The Bill will now go before the House of Representatives in the autumn sitting and is expected to come into force later this year.

The Bill targets five key areas:

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How did someone think of THAT? 2010’s most interesting trade marks

This time of year often causes one to reflect on the “year that was”, and here at Mallesons IP Whiteboard we are no exception.  A recent article about silly business names got us laughing, and thinking – what weird and wonderful trade marks have been registered in Australia this year?  A search of the Register reveals some rather creative marks. 

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